Monday, January 31, 2011

A Fast Month!

Wow! I can't believe it is the last day of the month! Holy Cow! I have been sick since January 3rd! Crud. Today I spent most of the day walking! She was passing me and trotting along, staff was laughing that she was leaving me behind! My legs felt so weak  all I wanted to do was sit down! I got my square made today! Not much else!
I was stopped in the hall today and asked if I would come back to the dining room and eat. I really didn't want to but she said it is for socialization, but mom doesn't know she is socializing! She doesn't know what she is doing. I said I would come back starting today. I was out sick for 2 days and she said mom looked lost in the dining room without me. That was a huge stab in the heart. It ripped me apart! I can't even go there on how that made me feel! They started a new seating arrangement where there is assigned seating. I didn't like it but I'm always willing to give something a try. You never know it might work out for the best. 
I had one problem with the assigned seating. They didn't save me a place at the table so I could sit and eat lunch with her. I had to sit behind her or try to scoot up beside her as far as I could get without disturbing the person sitting beside her. Where I was positioned I was in the way of wheelchairs and in the way of them handing out trays. I was so depressed after five days of it. Plus I had another problem with a resident that's not worth talking about.

Enough of that!!!

I going to experiment with making some small valentine baskets to hand out on the 14th! I want to make a lot of them. I will need to sit down and count how many people there are. I know its going to be a lot!

Here's my square for today!

I like that variegated yarn!

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