Friday, January 21, 2011


I woke up sick!!! YUK! I was sick 3 weeks ago with the crud, coughing hard and very weak and achy. Yes, I had my fricking flue shot! Its not protecting me from everything! In real life I don't whine so I shouldn't whine here! I left the nursing home at noon to go the two blocks to the grocery store, the entire section of meds for colds was EMPTY!!! I don't know why that surprised me! I did find 2 boxes of generic cold med and it said it was non drowsy but IT made me drowsy!

I kept mom on the hallway she lives on and we walked  at the end of the hall away from everybody! Then we stayed in her room a lot too. I didn't have a fever but I don't want to spread it! The last time I was sick the nurse sent me home for 2 days! Silently I was panicky because mom was alone all day and night! But the staff is very nice and they do a great job of taking care of her.

I only crocheted my square today. I just felt too bad to do anything!

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