Monday, February 28, 2011

My Camo Hat!

Well...I finished my camo toddler hat! 

Not sure if I like it! 

Basic Hat.
1st topper I made. A big flub! It's too big! Ack!
The one on the right is the smaller one I just made. There's not too
much difference in size. I also didn't stuff it as tightly.

Well...that is the smaller topper. Not sure if I like it.
Still not sure!
I'm not a big fan of it! I was trying something different instead 
of a pom-pom. Fun fur crocheted with it might make it look better.
I will give it a try another day. 

I really, really, really don't like it! 

I'm starting another hat tomorrow.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Hats

Mom wasn't feeling good today so I didn't accomplish everything I wanted. 

My camo hat is cute. Without the ball on top! Lol! I think it is too big for the hat! I'm going to make a smaller one tomorrow. Check out this bad picture!
Pretty bad looking! I will try again tomorrow! 
It didn't take long to make! Maybe an hour and a half.
Here is my square of the day.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Long but Amazing Day!

My sister # 2 showed up this morning with her daughter. They stayed a long time! She even fed mom her lunch! Mom was very happy to have her there. She rarely said my name which is unusual and she didn't say my sisters name but once but she knew she was there. Mom was so calm and peaceful all afternoon. She kept humming happy sounds instead of sad and dreary sounds. It made me fell so good that mom got part of what she wanted! It helped so much!

I created a toddler sized hat pattern today. I made the hat but I still need to make the top piece. I'm trying an experiment, instead of making a pom-pom I'm trying to create a very small ball and stuff with that fiber fill. I hope it looks good! I'm going to try finishing it tomorrow. Here's the pic.
I hope the ball looks good tomorrow!

Here is my square of the day.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Need to learn speed crochet!

I have tons of things to crochet!

Here's my new list of projects I need to get done. 

Need a baby hat in lavender. Soon.
Got to mail it to Chesapeake. 

Need to make these small hats that look like a kippah.
I hope I can find the correct yarn or thread.
Would like to have 5 made.

Need to make Chris's hat.
He requested 3 specific colors.

Need a pink hat for a 3 year old with crocheted flowers on it.

Need another lavender baby hat for a newborn with a big head.

Need to make a pattern for a St Patrick's Day hat. Soon. 

I think that's everything.
Here is my square of the day.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tube Sock Hat

I finished my green hat. Its called "The Tube Sock Hat". It got its name because the first one I made reminded us of a tube sock. Here's the pictures.
It was made with a size H hook. It looks very wide!
Back View. You can make this hat as long as you want or need it to be!
Side View.
Front View.
Another side view.
Here is my square of the day.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Crochet Hats!

I am so glad I took my pink beret to work on today! I asked the activities director when she started her vacation, she said today at 4! I went to activity room and started working furiously trying to finish the last 6 rows! She kept walking in the room! She was supposed to be taking residents to the dining room for church service! One of my friends in a wheelchair was watching for her to come back! I managed to complete it by 10:30! That was close! It turned out so cute! I had to take pics of it with my phone!

I sat it in the window and tried to get a pic!

I tried to put the beret on an angel but it didn't work very good!
The back of the activities director's head. She loved it! It looks so good on her! I'm so happy she loved it! She is such a great person and helps me when I need it! 

Today I didn't have time to work on my squares. Every time I thought about them I would get frustrated! I will save them for a couple days later to work on!

I did work on a new hat pattern for my hat pattern blog. I almost finished it. I should be finished with it tomorrow. Here's a pic.
Here is my square of the day.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Squared Mess!

Mom was wide awake and smiling this morning!

What a traumatic day! I made a mess of my small squares! (pulling my hair out!)
Here are my 4 squares. They look good here! See that big hole in the center? I want it to go away!

I didn't know what color I should join the squares with. I had yellow on my desk so I used it. The yellow blends in with the yellow square.
Yikes! The yellow yarn shows!I squished the pink and blue together so you couldn't see the yellow in the middle! Its going to show when you move the squares.
They need to be joined again in the middle.
Well its pathetic to look at. The yellow yarn is showing everywhere! I'm going to have to try another way to join them so the yarn used doesn't show! They look just awful. I even mixed up the position of colors! The dark blue is supposed to be on the right! The yellow is supposed to be on the left. The other 2 squares are mixed up too!
 I started a beret today. Its in a shade of pink. The activities director has a birthday on the 28th. Shes going on vacation so I will need to give this too her early!
 I should be able to finish it in the morning. She loves pink and purple so I'm making a purple one too!
Here is my square of the day.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Mom Sleeping Again

I didn't have much time to crochet today. I was busy asking questions about mom and her sleeping 3 days in a row.

I made 2 more small squares.

It looks like when I join them there may be a space in the center after I join them. I don't want any spaces showing. I will try to work on that tomorrow. I will make another one and join them.

Here is my square of the day.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mom Restless

Mom was very restless today. She was all over her bed. I had to keep covering her up. She showed so much pain on her face. It was hard to watch. 

I found another small square pattern that is small! Check it out!

1 and 1/2 inches! It might take a million to make an afghan!

Here is my square of the day.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Caring and Slouchy Hat

Mom slept all day. When I left at 6:45 pm she was still sleeping. I managed to wake her for all three meals and get some food in her. It really scared me since she talked about going to heaven yesterday. 

I made my caring hat last night and delivered it at noon today. It was her favorite color and fit just right! I was so excited! Here is a picture!

I finished my slouchy hat too. I'm going to make some more for xmas 2011.

Its so fast and easy to make! 

Here's my square of the day:

I need to find a project for tomorrow in case mom sleeps all day again.

Friday, February 18, 2011

"I want to go to heaven".

Mom is missing her family. For 2 weeks she has been begging me to take her home. She wants to see all her kids. Its odd she doesn't mention dad but she does think I'm dad at least once a day. The cna's on different shifts asks if she has a lot of kids. She keeps talking about wanting to go home to see them. Its killing me. She misses her children, the hugs and kisses are missing from her life, their voices, the laughter. She sounds so desperate. It hurts to listen to her. I can't even comfort her.

This morning mom said, "I want to go to heaven, please let me go to heaven, can I go to heaven, will you go to heaven with me?"She was so obsessed and serious. I held her hands and said, "I will go to heaven with you mom. We can go to heaven together." She said, "Sharon you are so special, I love you. Please don't die, please don't leave me." 

This afternoon she asked to go home again. She wants to see her children so badly. I can't even get that message across to my siblings. They wouldn't get it. They would accuse me of making it up.  I hate it when she begs! I realize they may not be able to handle her in this condition or the "scary" nursing home. Its just full of people who need hugs and love. 

On a crochet front I found a free pattern for a slouchy hat last night. Its so cute and very easy to make! I almost finished it today but mom walked a lot today. I will finish it tomorrow at the nursing home. 

Here's the link.

I've got to make a caring hat (chemo hat) tonight. A patient came in this afternoon with a bald head so I want to have a hat to give to her tomorrow.

Here is my square of the day:

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mom is Ok!

Mom survived without me yesterday! I knew she would but I have my own  old fashioned guilt trip with me all the time! 
Today I walked a lot with mom. She was slow but steady! One of my resident friends ate lunch with us today. He just burst into tears! He said he was sad. I moved his wheelchair over beside me and I talked to him while he ate and mom ate. I feel so helpless sometimes. I wish I could do something for him. But  I never know what I can do for each individual. 

We have a family friend in the same nursing home mom is in. Our boys grew up together and my son was in his son's wedding this past summer. He just got moved off the rehab hall down on another hall I don't frequent very much. There is a nurse who really doesn't like me. She works that hall often. I always check with a nurse and get permission before I give a resident some type of food. She is rude and matter of fact with me and refuses to give me the info I need. I am not intimidated by her but if she doesn't help me with the info I need I can't do anything for him. I don't understand why she treats me this way. She's the only nurse in the building that does that to me. I'm really going to hate being treated disrespectfully and refusing to help me help a friend of ours. I pray nothing happens and she just tolerates me and is helpful in my requests. 

Not much happening on the crochet front today. I found another small square pattern I would like to use. I sent a message to the person asking if she would share the square pattern. She said she would get it together this weekend! Check out this link and look at the afghan she made called "My Yoga Blanket". She has several beautiful afghans using small squares! Please check it out! So awesome!

Here is my square of the day!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cancer and Med Check Today!

I did not go to the nursing home today. I had a one year checkup for breast cancer. I also had a med check up too!
I made some samples last night of some squares for a new project. I want to use very small squares. 

Here's my 1st sample. 
Its about 3 1/4 inches. 
I think I want something smaller.
I used an H hook.
Here's the link for the pattern.

2nd Sample
Its about 2 1/2 inches.
Looks u-g-l-y.
Its a Lion Brand pattern.
It is shown made in one color. 
It looks great in one color.
Here's the link for the pattern.

3rd Sample
First 3 rows.
4 rows.
Its not small. It looked very small on the blog.
Its a little bit over 5 inches! I think its pretty! 
The afghan made using this square pattern 
is so breathtaking! 
Check out the link. Scroll down past the pic tutorial.
The photo is amazing!
It looks like it should hang on the wall because 
of its uniqueness and beauty.
No luck tonight in finding a very small square! 
I will try again tomorrow! But I do like the 3rd sample!

Eww! I didn't straighten it out very well!!
Its dark green with a white center.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Fast Day!

Mom kept me busy today. I managed to get my square of the day done but that was it! 
She was all over the nursing home today! We walked and walked. The most exciting part of our day was, we turned the corner to go down the hallway when I saw the nursing supervisor standing over what looked like a pile of poop on the floor! I decided it was best for us to turn around and go back the way we came!

One blue square!