Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Long Sunday

Today was a very long day. I think I was tired after going back to mom after shower was over. I brought some of my Valentine's baskets to give those I wouldn't see tomorrow. I was so excited to see the look of joy and excitement to get a gift! They really loved the little red baskets! I put a heart shaped card in there with a piece of heart shaped chocolate!

I made 68 baskets!
Here are some with the folded card and a heart shaped chocolate. Just the perfect size!
My youngest son is a creative writing and french major.
He wrote my card for me and created the hearts!
The card says:
For all the special care you 
give my mother, I want you 
to know you are 
Happy Valentine's Day
Mrs. Gillespie

Tomorrow I am going to search for scrap afghan patterns. Time to start one!!!
Here is my square of the day!


  1. Those Baskets are really really cute!

  2. Thank-You!!

    They were a big hit today!

    I was able to thank a lot of staff at the nursing home!


  3. So cute. What a nice gesture. They were probably so happy to get a gift. They are probably more used to getting complaints. You are very thoughtful.

  4. Thank-you!

    They did look pleased! Yes, they do get lots of complaints!