Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Who lets go of their mother?"

Mom was active today. She would walk about 20 to 25 feet and sit down. She would sit for 20 minutes then I would coax her back up to walk. It has been a weird day. The only crocheting I got done was almost half of my square of the day.

Mom was sitting and I sat in a chair right in front of her. She glances at me and she says,"Who lets go of their mother?". I was floored! Speechless! Then she said it again!  After that she just kept saying the word mother and let go. She talked in weird ramble sentences with those words. I wanted to share that with my siblings, but my sisters would think I just made it up! I was so disturbed by those sentences. Less then an hour later she sat down in the hallway to rest. I started to walk away from her. I was going a few steps so I could lean on a door way going into a room. She blurted out, "Are you going to leave me?" in a panicked, anxious voice. I ran to her and hugged her and said I would never leave you. She clung to my arm. I was bummed the rest of the day. I was up till midnight last night so being tired makes me more emotional. 
The sentences she said disturbed me. I thought about sending it to my sisters anyway because even if they don't believe I'm telling the truth. I know I am. They don't really like me anyway so I have nothing to lose so I sent it. Sister # 2 commented that was weird. But I heard nothing from sister # 1.
What a day.

I had to finish my square of the day here at home. I got nothing done today! I feel bad I don't have anything about crochet to talk about tonight. Sorry.

A plain white square!

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