Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Keep on Walking Mom!

Boy did mom walk today! She got tired easily but she would stop and drop. Five or ten minutes later she would be up walking again. Last night sister # 2 came by with leftovers for mom's lunch. I nearly had heart failure when she gave me ten dollars for mom. It is difficult buying the things that mom needs when I don't work anymore. A few of my siblings used to help me by giving me money but they stopped doing it. I get 25.00 a month from my spouse to buy food and whatever for myself. I have been taking it and splitting it into 12.00 for the first 2 weeks of the month and 12.00 for the last 2 weeks of the money. I go without eating so I can at least get part of what she needs. If I run out of money then she has to do without. My spouse buys me whatever fruit is on sale so I do have something to eat during the day. 

This afternoon sister # 1 dropped in with Valentine candy for mom. Mom recognized her and called her by name. Sister # 1 gave mom the candy and started to run out in the hallway when mom called for her. (Her boss was waiting in the car for her.) She came back and hugged mom again. She said she had to go and took off while mom is saying I want to go with you! I stopped mom from going but she calling her name. It was a sad moment for me. I hated to watch mom looking confused and upset by what happened. I stayed longer with her because she kept saying my sister's name. I finally went home and came back an hour and a half later. I was worried about her. She was roaming the hallways as usual. It scares me when she does that but I have no control over what happens on the 3 to 11 shift. I stayed two and a half hours with her.

I got my square made for the day.

Looks good! It was a small ball of scrap yarn I had! 

I finished my purple beret too.

I have not weaved in my ends yet! Whoops!

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