Saturday, February 26, 2011

Long but Amazing Day!

My sister # 2 showed up this morning with her daughter. They stayed a long time! She even fed mom her lunch! Mom was very happy to have her there. She rarely said my name which is unusual and she didn't say my sisters name but once but she knew she was there. Mom was so calm and peaceful all afternoon. She kept humming happy sounds instead of sad and dreary sounds. It made me fell so good that mom got part of what she wanted! It helped so much!

I created a toddler sized hat pattern today. I made the hat but I still need to make the top piece. I'm trying an experiment, instead of making a pom-pom I'm trying to create a very small ball and stuff with that fiber fill. I hope it looks good! I'm going to try finishing it tomorrow. Here's the pic.
I hope the ball looks good tomorrow!

Here is my square of the day.

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