Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cancer and Med Check Today!

I did not go to the nursing home today. I had a one year checkup for breast cancer. I also had a med check up too!
I made some samples last night of some squares for a new project. I want to use very small squares. 

Here's my 1st sample. 
Its about 3 1/4 inches. 
I think I want something smaller.
I used an H hook.
Here's the link for the pattern.

2nd Sample
Its about 2 1/2 inches.
Looks u-g-l-y.
Its a Lion Brand pattern.
It is shown made in one color. 
It looks great in one color.
Here's the link for the pattern.

3rd Sample
First 3 rows.
4 rows.
Its not small. It looked very small on the blog.
Its a little bit over 5 inches! I think its pretty! 
The afghan made using this square pattern 
is so breathtaking! 
Check out the link. Scroll down past the pic tutorial.
The photo is amazing!
It looks like it should hang on the wall because 
of its uniqueness and beauty.
No luck tonight in finding a very small square! 
I will try again tomorrow! But I do like the 3rd sample!

Eww! I didn't straighten it out very well!!
Its dark green with a white center.

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