Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Day!

Mom wasn't very sleepy today! Usually I am fighting her to stay awake because she wanders the halls at night! I has asked 2 weeks ago if they could try a sleeping pill for her because she wants to sleep all day and walk all night! The nurse said the doctor prescribed a pill and she started it last night! She slept all night! (clapping hands!) I hope it continues to work! Time will tell!

I was so busy at NH that I did not get to anchor my new chair down again with a much stronger cord. But great news! Mom's folding chair was returned to her closet! I was so surprised to see it! Here is a pic of today's square!


  1. glad they are getting her day's and night's strightened out, now this square is loud but pretty.

  2. (Laughing)Yes it is loud!