Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 5 without mom.

Tomorrow I get to go back! I can't wait. I have been having panic attacks all day.
I am a basket case. It seems every time I am gone they do something. The first time they
moved her to her new room without telling me. They were supposed to tell me.

Then I was out sick for 2 days and mom's pvc pipe chair is gone.
She has a broken one now! It is filthy and broken in several places. 
It makes me sick every time I put her in that nasty thing.
I asked for help several times but I keep getting blown off.

Now I have been gone for 5 days! They could move mom out of her 
room without telling me. The decent thing to do is inform me but
it doesn't matter to them. They only have to ask my brother since
he has power of attorney and he won't call me and tell me if there are any 

I wish things were different but I have no control. I am so scared
to go in the morning, I'm afraid they will have done
something. I won't sleep tonight!

I started a new project this afternoon. It's an afghan, I don't have enough done to take a pic.
I started with 300 chains! I'm still working on the first row! Its long!

Here is today's square I made.

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