Saturday, April 23, 2011

Well, I suck!

I have been going crazy!

I could have never foreseen how busy and crazy I would get while taking care of mom. I made all these big plans assuming I would have time to work on them while at nursing home.

But mom has required my undivided attention full time. That's ok by me!

Now I have way too much to get done at home plus all my crochet projects and plans.
I still have to cook dinner, do laundry and other assorted things.

It has really gotten to me.

Tonight I am dropping all that pressure and I will make an updated list and just do the best I can with it all.


Need a baby hat in lavender. Soon.
Got to mail it to Chesapeake. Completed and mailed.

Need to make these small hats that look like a kippah.
I hope I can find the correct yarn or thread.
Would like to have 5 made. I am having problems
creating this hat! I am so frustrated! I have
tried to find a yarn that will work
but no such luck!

Having trouble finding the correct yarn so I will make a prototype and start there.

Need to make Chris's hat.
He requested 3 specific colors. I haven't
even started it! Will try to tomorrow.

HAVE NOT started it. Feel so bad about it!

Need a pink hat for a 3 year old with crocheted flowers on it. Completed!

Need to finish a small dark pink hat.

Need another lavender baby hat for a newborn with a big head. Completed.

Need to make a pattern for a St Patrick's Day hat. Soon. Completed.

We have a new nurse with a huge pile of dreads. I want to make
him a professional looking hat for work just in case he has to cover them! I
have completed one for him but need another one. Ugh!

Another birthday hat for activities director. I still haven't completed
the second hat. I'm going to save it for a xmas gift.

I am cringing as I write this! If you know Drew, "The Crochet Dude" he
has a new charity project. A gorgeous square pattern
that has a pretty carnation in the center. I want to make One Hundred of them!

I'm so stupid to wish that! Someone else has already made almost a hundred! She was sick in bed for two days! I have only five made.

I need to make 2 headbands with flowers for 2 nurses!

I have almost finished one!

Yes! Shoot Me! Like I have time! It takes 48 to make an afghan and I
want to make 48 in specific colors for one afghan and then I am
using leftover random colors to make the others. I will post them
as soon as they are done! I mean I will post them as I complete them!

NEVER going to happen!

The 2 nurses who I am making headbands for are having birthdays the first week of May. My birthday is the first week of May too.

I'm going to use the 2 headbands as gifts. I am making them a hat plus another headband.


Mom's day shift nurse, her birthday is the first week of May too! I haven't even finished her Christmas afghan! Now I need to make her a birthday gift too!

I also need to complete a hat for my Hat Pattern Blog! I try to put up one a month and I haven't done that!


I have this secret mystery project that has to be completed by July 1st! I have been working on it since January! Ugh!

Here is my square for the day.



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